Client:  Multi-shift plastic molding company.
Problem: Under-performing Manufacturing Plant.
Length of Engagement:  Two four day sessions over a period of fifty days. 
Results:  Performance improved dramatically.  The positive trend was evident in weeks and continues to date.

"Iceberg operates a multi-shift manufacturing operation with significant capital investment.  Our plant was under-performing to our performance expectations and needs.  We sought outside help through a focused engagement to substantially improve manufacturing operations with an eye to rapid ROI and sustainable improvements.  The team exceeded our expectations in what they delivered.  They each have the rare combination of keen intellect, broad manufacturing experience and a comfort level on the manufacturing floor.  They were not limited, like some consultants we have experienced, by a canned approach to solving manufacturing problems.  Their analysis and solutions were unique to us, although clearly informed by their experiences.  In their first engagement (we have had them in twice), they identified, in a clear and understandable manner, key obstacles to our improvement goals.  The recommendations had both specific actionable items as well as (and this was particularly valuable to me and the other top managers,) a series of building block principles for operating the manufacturing facility.  I look to these principles almost every day.  The outgrowth of this has been a rapid, dramatic improvement in operations with sustainable financial and organizational benefits.  Our employees and middle managers feel the difference and talk about it." 

"Great people.  Great results."

Signed H. G. CEO



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"Great people. Great results.".

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