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Performance Improvement

Client:  Trostel Inc.– Manufacturer of precision rubber molded components - based in Wisconsin, USA.

Background:  A manufacturing facility in Reynosa Mexico had recently tripled in volume. 

"We were on the forward edge of a broad roll-out of Six-Sigma.  What this experience did was to bring caution to that whole approach.  We learned that we were creating people that were thinking 'vertically' and in much longer terms.  Problems were taking too long to resolve – sometimes up to a year.  We started rethinking that and exchanged that process for more of a Resilient-C approach.  The Resilient-C approach is not vertical.  By considering  all problems laterally and thinking in terms of multiples, the biggest problems get solved quickly."

Problem:  We had an Ineffective quality and management systems causing customer dissatisfaction, and plant performance was spiraling downward.” “I had a quality system that was “cookie-cut” generic, and it was not working.” 

Approach:  "I brought Resilient-C in for a 7-day experience to address my systems problems.  They gained credibility by working long hours out on the floor, and getting acquainted with our people and processes.  They were very non-threatening yet professional.  When they opened up their 'tool box' and got results in hours, it was a winning combination." 

Results:  "Over $1M was saved in the ten-fold scrap reduction for one part.  Implementing the strategic thinking principles across the site led to a total savings of millions of dollars. Within months, the plant became profitable for the first time."