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NextGen's National Small Practice of the Year 2010


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Performance improvement. 

Testimonial – Dr. Jeffrey VanGelderen, CMG of Saginaw Bay 
Client: Children's Medical Group of Saginaw Bay 
  Implementation of electronic medical records reduced throughput by one third. After months of applying traditional problem solving methods performance failed to improve.
Results: “We received NextGen’s 2010 national “Best Small Practice Award by applying this approach during bi-weekly team meetings for 3 months".  We improved out-put by 40%, reduced man-hours, eliminated rework, increased customer satisfaction, and built motivated self- correcting teams."
Postscript: Dr. Jeff used the term "motivated self - correcting teams" to describe the way this organization performs. They continue improve every facet of their clinic.  The results tell the story.

  • BCBS of Michigan PCMH Designation 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Performance Improvement