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Performance Improvement


Client:  ITW Fastex, CVA ā€“ Components, Valves & Assemblies - Manufacturer of specialty components

Problem:  Scrap rate of 20 to 40% at the ultrasonic welding operation ā€“ part of a recently launched automated assembly process.   Required to add 30 heads, (10 per shift,) to staff a manual line to compensate for the scrap rate.  Projected annual cost is hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in scrap and labor.

Background :  Internal engineers, equipment suppliers, and technical center personnel had been working for several months to identify the cause(s) of the high scrap.  The scrap rate remained high.

Results:  Reject rate was decreased from 20-40% to 4-9% and maintained, (better than the project goal.) Savings were hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in scrap and labor.

"What I like about the Resilient-C approach is that they quickly identified what the major culprits were, as opposed to giving equal importance to all variables.  They applied '80/20' to direct focus, speed up the process and make some deductions about what was important versus what was not important."

"When they reached a conclusion, they were able to communicate it  quickly, and by showing it graphically, everyone could understand."

"There is no doubt that Resilient-C has changed the way our engineers think. Resilient-Cā€™s strategic thinking approach is going to be used in the future, as we continue to reduce our scrap rate even further."

"The results are the proof that you need.  Solving this problem has resulted in the reduction of scrap below our target, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in annualized savings.  There has been a substantial impact to our bottom line."


General Manager